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Are You Ready To Take Your I.C.O. To The Next Level?
If you want your I.C.O. to succeed, it is important to get the word out.
Launching an I.C.O. without marketing it is sort of like expecting your car to start with no gas. It won’t work!
We have been doing this for years and we are ready to put our expertise to work for you.

PRD Press Release Distribution stands ready to develop press release marketing campaigns featuring Cryptocurrencies and their related subsets.
How We Will Promote Your I.C.O.
Our Experts Will Write A Killer Press Release
That will get your I.C.O. submitted to major Blockchain and International
Publications, including:
You Can Also Have Your Press Release Submitted To Top Tier International Media Publications, Including:
While your I.C.O. Press Release is being distributed to all major Blockchain publications, we will simultaneously work the phones to ensure that your Press Release makes it to their News Desk. Over the years we have cultivated great relationships with Reporters & Journalists in almost every niche, nook and cranny, in every state and every country… 
Put our valuable connections in the media to work for your Offering today.
It’s no secret that in order for an I.C.O. to become successful, you must create a great marketing plan. In any great marketing plan you will see a hand crafted Press Release Marketing strategy that is so subtle, people don’t even know they are being sold something. Ever!
When an I.C.O. Press Release is written properly it sells itself while acting as an extremely useful tool to the reader. The reader is much more likely to absorb the “news” in a Press Release format without any bias. Had they not have read that Press Release, they may never have heard of your I.C.O. which prompted them to BUY IN!
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